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A boutique podcast production studio from award-winning public radio journalist Ben Bradford.

Original Projects:

Of The People

George McGovern is remembered as one of history's great political losers after his landslide defeat to Richard Nixon. But before that, was an incredible "heist" of the Democratic nomination - a tale of assassination, betrayal, last-minute comebacks, political sabotage, and parliamentary procedure. 

Landslide: Roots of Today's Political Divide

In the mid-1970s, the Republican Party looked on the verge of self-destruction. Until a cutthroat, razor-close, deeply personal battle for the Republican nomination, and the party's identity. It resurrected the GOP, remade it as a conservative party, and pulled the country sharply to the right. Landslide is the story of the closest presidential primary race in American history, what followed, and how it reshaped the political parties — opening the partisan rifts that divide us today.


A zany, fast-paced, sound-rich narrative series about a cult of otherwise normal people who spend their weekends building and racing cars worth $500. Construction workers, accountants, and retirees compete on some of the nation’s most famous courses, dueling in 15-hour endurance races against as many as 150 other drivers. They struggle to keep together cars they’ve built from scrap — and outfitted with costumes. (forthcoming)



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